All-Russian Congress of manufacturers and importers fulfilling EPR_16.10-17.10.2017

The EcoTyresUnion made a report and presentation of the Union during the1st all-Russian Congress of manufacturers and importers, performing extended responsibility (EPR) on October 16th,2017.

The 4 main topics of the Congress were:

  • regulatory enforcement of compliance by the manufacturers and importers with extended responsibility for products and packaging recycling
  • independent EPR fulfillment: the experience of pioneers and proposals for the development of independent EPR compliance
  • road map and tools to ensure the creation of an infrastructure of waste collection, sorting, processing, disposal and recycling in Russia
  • the direction of changes in fz №89 in «state regulation, control and supervision in the sphere of preparation and use of secondary material resources»

Along with the EcoTyresUnion the Congress was attended by the heads and specialists of the Russian chamber of Commerce, Association of trading companies and manufacturers of electrical and computer equipment RATEK, the Association of recyclers of electrical and electronic equipment waste APET, the Union of manufacturers of soft drinks, League of waste paper processing, Tyre manufacturers assosiation, «RusPACK» and other relevant associations and more than 100 participants – companies, manufacturers and importers. According to the results of the presentation made by the representatives of producers, processors of secondary raw materials, operators of waste management, as well as representatives of Federal and regional Executive authorities at the 1st all-Russian Congress of manufacturers and importers, performing extended responsibility, common proposals were developed for all participants to improve the waste management system and the mechanism of EPR performance.