Ministry of natural resources and ecology of Murmansk region, Round table 20.04.2018

On April 20, 2018, the EcoTyresUnion held a meeting on the possibility of implementing the principles of extended producer responsibility in the Murmansk region under the leadership of the Deputy Governor of the Murmansk region Yevgeny V. Nikora. The meeting was attended by the Minister of natural resources and ecology of the Murmansk region Dmitry A. Ruusalep and heads of departments of the Ministry of natural resources carrying out control and supervision activities in the field of environmental protection.

At the beginning of the meeting Sergey Podoynikov, Executive Director of the EcoTyresUnion, informed the participants about successful performance of the EcoTyresUnion in 2017.

Main topics discussed during the meeting:

  • Ways to stimulate and involve small tire changing and service centres in the waste tyre collection program;
  • Ability to exchange information with environmental regulatory authorities about the official representatives of the Union members in the Murmansk region;
  • Possible options for support of local processors by the administration;
  • Discussion of existing regional processors;
  • The opportunity for regional processors to participate in Tender 2019;
  • The possibility of involvement of regional operators in a recycling program;
  • Discussion of collection programs in other regions.

The Deputy Governor of the Murmansk region expressed interest in further cooperation with the Union in two directions:

  • Participation of the processors of the Murmansk region in Tender 2019;
  • Organization of the system of waste tires collection in the region (dealer centres, small tire changing and service centres, population).

An offer was received to fix the possibility of further cooperation by signing the Memorandum of intentions on both sides.