Vladivostok – free drop-off station for tyres_05.07.2018

In Vladivostok there will be a special city drop-off station for tyres (reception point), where you can take your used tires for further environmentally safe processing for free. Now the creation of such a station is in process, — reports the press-service of the city hall.

As the representative of the regional operator for solid municipal waste management Sergey Lazarev told the press, the reception point will meet sanitary and environmental standards and requirements.             Rubber granulate will be produced from the used tyres and this granulate will be later used for manufacturing of coatings for stadiums, sports and children’s playgrounds, local areas. Of the two passenger tyres 1 square meter of sports coating can be made.

Used tires belong to hazard class IV and are subject to mandatory recycling.

«If you do not take your used tyres to the legal reception point, you will need to pay fine under Art. 8.2 of the administrative Code for an administrative offense. The duty of every resident of our city is to transfer tyres to specialized organizations through a network of tire service centres», – commented Sergey Lazarev.

Often car tires are used in the urban land improvement, but environmental experts advise not to do it – tyres can decompose for 35-40 years, while releasing harmful substances. Currently in Vladivostok you can take your used tyres (four tyres for approx. 200 RUB) in licensed points organized at tyre service centres. These points have an agreement with enterprises that are engaged in tyre recycling to obtain secondary raw materials and finished products.