Round table in the administration of the Lipetsk region_10.10.2018

A round table with the participation of the Executive Director of the EcoTyresUnion, Sergey Podoynikov, was held in the administration of the Lipetsk region on October 10, 2018. This meeting was attended by regional operators, representatives of municipalities, as well as LLC «Ecocenter of recycling and innovative technologies» — the only waste tyres processor in Lipetsk.

Purpose of the event:

  • reduction of environmental pollution in the region,
  • formation of waste processing industry in the region,
  • creation of an economically attractive system for collection of used car tires that meets the requirements of environmental legislation,
  • minimization of costs of individuals and legal entities associated with the recycling of used tires,
  • creation of favorable conditions for recycling of the accumulated volume of waste tires in the Lipetsk region.

The round table was actively covered by the media of Lipetsk and the region, because it raised such important issues in the modern world as the proper waste recycling, protection of the environment and reduction of environmental pollution.