Environmental programs as one of the key landmarks of modern business!

The environmental orientation of business is confirmed by the growing number of environmental programs financed by business structures. Thus, along with tyre manufacturers, packaging manufacturers pay special attention to solving the problem of waste collection and recycling.  On November 15th, 2018 the EcoTyresUnion legal counsel Anna Zakharova took part in a panel discussion «Separate with us» organized by Coca—Cola in Russia.

The event was held in Zaryadye Park and was timed to coincide with two industry-specific dates: The International day of recycling and the second anniversary of eco-program «Separate with us».

The environmental program «Separate with us» exists since 2016, is supported by Coca-Cola in Russia and includes two areas: infrastructure (installation of containers for waste collection, organization of waste recycling) and education (teaching the Russian population the principles and rules of separate waste collection). According to Coca-Cola in Russia, during the eco-program «Separate with us» 4,500 containers for waste collection were installed in 40 cities of Russia, about 50,000 tons of packaging wastes were collected and recycled, more than 800,000 people took part in the educational program «Separate with us».

The format of the event was original and rich: in addition to participating in the panel discussion guests were able to walk through a specific art object «City without waste» made from recycled materials, to learn tips on responsible consumption. The event once again confirmed the environmental orientation of modern business. The solution of the problem of waste collection and recycling is possible under the condition of common and coordinated actions of the state, business, non-profit organizations and the population. The speed and efficiency of solving environmental problems, and hence the future of our planet, depend on each of us!