In Ulyanovsk, volunteers began to eliminate illegal dumps on the banks of the Sviyaga river

As the OTR channel says: «According to ecologists, there are several dozen such natural landfills in the region.» Volunteers collect old tires for free and transfer them to the recycling plant. There, the tires will turn into rubber crumb, which will later be used to make run tracks and sports mats.

The first location where the liquidation was carried out was a dump in the village of Borba in the Zheleznodorozhny district of the city.

We would like to thank the company «SimbirskVtorResurs» for the work and responsibility. We are confident that other regions will follow their example. And we urge all residents of Ulyanovsk to join and help the movement.

Recycle together!

Read more on the website of the Ulyanovsk city administration and OTR TV channel