Tyre recycling in Vladivostok

We continue to talk about the success in the field of waste tyre recycling. And today again, great news!

In Vladivostok, 450 tons of used tires were taken out of the city streets for recycling!

According to the data from http://www.vlc.ru the administration of Vladivostok and the company «ECOSTAR technology» have an agreement on the recycling of used tires on a free of charge basis.

Active tire collection is caused by new city improvement rules, according to which all tires on the streets must be dismantled and transferred for recycling. Otherwise, property management companies and housing cooperatives may be fined.

We remind you that all residents of Vladivostok can hand over their used tires in special places thanks to the environmental project «Say no to Dumps».

The list of reception points can be found on the website www.ecostar-tech.ru.

We are happy with the success of our partners from Vladivostok and hope that such news will soon come from all the cities of our country!