Round table in the administration of the Lipetsk region

Last week, the administration of the Lipetsk region held a round table on the problems of waste tyre recycling. The meeting was attended by:

  • head of the regional Department of ecology and natural resources G. P. Roshchupkina
  • head of the Department of housing and communal services of Lipetsk Yulia Kobantsova
  • heads of administrative divisions of Lipetsk city districts
  • representatives of regional operators dealing with SMW
  • representatives of tyre and rubber recycling enterprises
  • Executive Director of EcoTyresUnion S. A. Podoynikov

At the moment, the city already has one collection point on 26 Angarskaya street, where car owners can hand over their tires or products left from their use for recycling for free.

Soon there will be 3 such points, and by the end of the year it is planned to open 7 collection points in various parts of the city. This is a big event for Lipetsk, especially when the season of changing summer tires for winter is about to start.

We hope that in mid season of changing tires, all used tires will be recycled by our partner LLC «Ecocenter of recycling and innovative technologies», and will not settle in yards and garage cooperatives. Moreover, everyone will be able to pass their tires for recycling absolutely free of charge!

The plant will make paving slabs out of waste tires, as well as coverings for stadiums, walking areas and cycle paths.

Watch the report on the Lipetsk time channel and read more on the websites of Lipetsk Media and The Department of ecology and natural resources of the Lipetsk region