The EcoTyresUnion work group meeting

On August 6, 2019, a meeting of the work group was held in the office of EcoTyresUnion. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Union’s member companies, its employees, as well as a representative of the Tire Manufacturers Association. Executive Director of EcoTyresUnion Sergey Podoynikov said that the EPR compliance with the recycling norms for 2019 is in accordance with the plan.

The participants of the meeting were informed that the annual Tender held by EcoTyresUnion among tire recycling companies to provide services for collecting, transporting and recycling of waste tyres is planned to be held no later than October 1, 2019. The start of the Tender will be announced on the EcoTyresUnion website

The reporting issues were discussed — at the moment, the Supervisory authority (Rosprirodnadzor) has not provided results on submitted reports for 2018. EcoTyresUnion employees are actively monitoring this issue.

EcoTyresUnion representatives spoke in detail about their active cooperation with volunteer organizations on the collection of tires, the elimination of unauthorized places of their accumulation.

Executive Director of EcoTyresUnion has covered the start activities for cooperation with the largest tyre distribution centers on waste tire collection and recycling.

The meeting participants also reviewed and discussed the main thematic focus of EcoTyresUnion social networks:

and a further strategy for promoting EcoTyresUnion and its activities in social networks.

The Union members were informed that EcoTyresUnion fixes 3-4-year plans for the development of collection systems, infrastructure and equipment capacity, in particular for different types of tires, with each contracted recycling company.