Tire recycling is an important aspect of the tire business in Russia

Waste tyres recycling was the subject of discussion at the business seminar of the Chem-Courier Agency «Tire business in Russia», which was held on November 15.

Anna Zakharova, legal counsel of EcoTyresUnion, spoke about the current activities of EcoTyresUnion, the results achieved and future plans in her report.

The presentation was followed by communication with individual participants of the seminar who expressed interest in the work of EcoTyresUnion and in further cooperation.

The activity of the seminar participants – manufacturers and importers of tyres, representative offices and trading companies in respect of issues related to the organization of waste tyres recycling, proves the importance of independent EPR performance and a focus of the tire business in Russia on the development of the existing environmental projects in the field of waste tyres recycling.