Webinar «EPR Institute reform»

The webinar «EPR Institute reform» was held on May, 21. Participants discussed the future of the EPR system in Russia in an online format and proposed their own concepts for the reforming.

Executive Director of the EcoTyresUnion Sergey Podoynikov took part in the webinar. Sergey spoke about why tire manufacturers and importers have questions about the about the reforming of the EPR system in Russia, and also proposed a concept for improving the EPR based on 4 main criteria.

  1. Industry regulation. Collection and recycling of different types of waste have their own specifics and cannot be subject to the same rules.
  2. Elaboration of transparent criteria to be met by each regulatory entity within the framework of implementing the EPR.
  3. Strengthening of control and supervision: transition to mandatory reporting on EPR; creation of an electronic accounting system to track the movement of waste to be recycled; tightening of measures against unscrupulous recyclers, up to the revocation of the license.
  4. Maintaining a competitive environment for participants in the recycling process, allowing manufacturers and importers to plan development investments.

All proposals are based on the experience of countries where tire recycling is already developed, as well as taking into account the specifics of the industry. We hope that these proposals will be reflected in future legislation.

The full recording of the webinar is available on the WasteTech website or here: