Our video about tyre recycling in Russia

Why is it necessary to recycle tyres?
How many tyres are actually lying in our forests and how does this threaten the environment and our health?
What is the current situation with tyre recycling in Russia?

For everyone who is interested in answers to these questions, we have great news!
We have prepared a video about the activities of EcoTyresUnion over the past 3 years!

Only 3 years ago few people systematically dealt with the issue of tyre recycling throughout the country. Today, the tyre recycling system in the Russian Federation is actively working and continues to develop . After watching our video, you will not only learn more about the tyre recycling system and the possible negative consequences of tyre landfills, but also get a closer look at the activities of EcoTyresUnion, our mission and the tasks that we solve with our partners every day.

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