EcoTyresUnion is a noncommercial organization that unites manufactures and importers of tyres. The organization was created for independent compliance of the members of EcoTyresUnion with the recycling norms of tyres as part of extended producer responsibility in accordance with the requirements of Federal law No. 89, and also for representing and protecting of common interests and achieving of socially useful purposes.

Mission of EcoTyresUnion

Formation, development and support of collecting and recycling system for waste tyres of all types and categories throughout the Russian Federation

EcoTyresUnion Tasks

Main tasks:

EcoTyresUnion employees

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Sergey Podoynikov

Executive director

Yulia Eliseeva

Project manager

Anna Zakharova

Legal сounsel

Ilya Moskvitin

Environmental engineer

Marina Haletskaya

Environmental analyst


Simply fill out the form below, after that one of the EcoTyresUnion employees will contact you within 1-2 working days and provide the necessary consultation.

EcoTyresUnion holds an annual tender among the recyclers of waste tires to place the volumes for compliance with the recycling norms of tyres. Each recycler of waste tyres known to EcoTyresUnion receives an individual notification about the start of the tender (if you represent a recycling company and would like to present the company to EcoTyresUnion – please click here – reference to Q1).

During the tender we thoroughly check founding, accounting and environmental documentation of the applicants in accordance with the Rules for Tender Selection, approved by EcoTyresUnion. According to the results of the tender we select for cooperation those recycling companies, the documentation of which is provided in full and meets the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

EcoTyresUnion was created by the world`s largest producers and importers of tyres, the companies that are at the Russian market for a long time – Bridgestone, Continental, Hankook, Michelin, IKON TYRES, Yokohama – and now is the largest association in the sphere of tyre recycling processes and interaction with Russia`s leading tyre recycling companies.

The Association encourages the development of existing trustworthy tyre processors paying for their services for the recycling of waste tyres in the volumes determined by the norms approved by the government of the Russian Federation, creating a constant, increasing year by year, effective demand for their services

Along with the absolute financial and organizational benefits of cooperation with the EcoTyresUnion, we offer tyre recyclers to become part of the whole system of recycling and handling of waste tyres, a transparent system of collection, transportation and recycling of tyres, a system that, with a conscious approach of all parties involved, is designed to improve the environment of our country!



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Address: Russia, Moscow, Bulvar Entuziastov, 2

Executive director: Sergey Podoynikov

Phone: +7-985-768-08-82 Email: sergey.podoynikov@etu-rf.ru

Project manager: Yulia Eliseeva

Phone: +7-925-354-01-51 Email: yulia.eliseeva@etu-rf.ru

Legal сounsel: Anna Zakharova

Phone: +7-925-354-41-99 Email: anna.zakharova@etu-rf.ru

Environmental engineer: Ilya Moskvitin

Phone: +7 (925) 424-69-06 Email: ilya.moskvitin@etu-rf.ru

Environmental analyst: Marina Haletskaya

Phone: +7 (925) 354-26-61 Email: marina.haletskaya@etu-rf.ru